The sea continues to be a thing I think about very often. I have taken lots of photographs of the sea and I have spent a long time with them, maybe more than with any other. Probably because I didn’t feel capable of defining the feeling they evoked. Many things have changed, though.

What I like the most about aparently meaningless pictures (pictures that sometimes don’t even attemp to put a message across) is that they act as a mirror of the observer’s mind in such a concealed way: they trick you into trying to interpret that which lacks any interpretation and you end up really talking about yourself. Interesting stimuli.

With this in mind is that I feel a certain degree of satisfaction about having found something different that makes me experience that same lack of comfort, that same tension in perfect harmony with the most absolute peace that I experience when I look at the sea.

Recently I’ve found something that, when I look at it, it is as if I were looking at the sea.

And while I am still not entirely sure about what I have found, I’m happy I’ve found it again somewhere far closer to me than the portion of shore depicted above.

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